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Adam's Stats

  • Coaching Quals

    Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF
    Master Strengthscope® Practitioner
    Total SDI and NLP Accredited Practitioner

  • Career Background

    Leadership Development

    CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development) Level 5

  • Clients

    Aspiring and new leaders

    Coaching within the LGBTQ+ community

  • Interesting Fact

    Accredited Meditation Practitioner

perspective, enthusiasm, equity

I’m a big believer that coaching should be an enjoyable experience, and so humour plays a big role in my practice. You’ll see that my style is informal and open which is my approach to developing mutual ease, respect and trust. I have a deep passion for equity and inclusion and creating the right conditions for all of my clients to thrive within our coaching relationship and their lives and environments outside of the coaching room.

My approach combines my coaching practice, positive psychology and over a decade of practical experience in corporate Leadership Development, where I’ve coached aspiring, new and experienced leaders to optimise their performance and reach their full potential. 

My clients tell me I bring high support, high challenge and high accountability. 

I live with my Husband and two dogs in Nottingham, UK.

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