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Elsa's Stats

  • Degree

    BA’s in Social Work and Psychology
    Masters Degree in Personal and Professional Leadership

  • Coaching background

    22 years of Coaching experience across a number of industries

    12 years of Executive Coaching Experience

  • Clients

    Curious leaders at all levels

  • Career background

    Business Owner and Leader

care, integrity, resilience

I believe that leadership is a way of being, not just a set of skills. I believe that all people have leadership capacity in them, and my coaching approach is to equip them as personal and professional leaders. Leadership requires presence, authenticity, courage and the capacity to manage oneself in the face of ambiguity.

Today’s business environment is composed of complex interdependencies. Leaders need a deep systematic understanding of their organisation, their industry, their marketplace and most importantly their people in order to navigate these complexities. I coach leaders to become system thinkers.

I support leaders to integrate what has been compartmentalised in their lives. Before a behaviour, mindset, assumption or worldview can change, there must be awareness. Thus, professional growth and development rest upon an appetite for inquiry into oneself. 


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