live today create tomorrow




    Criminal Defence Lawyer


    BA Media and Communications
    LLB Bachelor of Law


    Accredited Executive and Leadership Coach from CEC (Center for Executive Coaching)


    Tomorrow's champions working on EI, conflict management and behavioural change

integrity, agility, innovation
Fifteen years ago I was a criminal lawyer in the Australian Outback. I worked for Aboriginal Legal Aid and traveled to remote indigenous communities. I did it because I believed in fighting for people whose voices were underrepresented, misrepresented, unheard. I still do.
Today I am an executive coach and author living in Israel. My book “The Superpower” (expected mid 2022) is a journey through 52 of the biggest moments in my life – the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that determined the outcome of high-value situations. Its vision is to turn the best self into a measurable goal.
In my role as a coach, I help connect my clients’ hearts to their passion, their eyes to their opportunities, and their bodies to action. My service has come full circle – from representing others, to helping others represent themselves.

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