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    Corporate Vice President of Operations for EdTech/SaaS


    New, emerging, developing, and high potential leaders interested in personal and professional growth


    Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)
    Certified Executive and Business Coach (CEC)


    Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (iPEC)
    COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist
    COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist

integrity, professionalism, partnership

With more than 25 years of leadership and management experience in non-profits, startups, and publicly traded companies, I have extensive knowledge of how to develop high-performing teams which produce results. I am a strong advocate for a positive, collaborative culture that encourages all staff to utilize their talents and skillsets in a way that benefits the team and brings personal satisfaction along with business results.

My coaching is focused on helping individuals improve their performance through self-awareness, process evaluation, time management and productivity training and goal setting.

I have managed international teams and encourage a respect for other cultures and diverse team members to maximize the success of the teams and foster positive working relationships. My focus on strategic action and accountability for myself and others produces results.

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