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Leon's Stats

  • Sport

    Olympic Silver Medallist 2004

    Need we say more?

  • Coaching Quals

    AoEC - Academy of Executive Coaching

  • The Rest

    TED Talker



    Yoga Teacher

    Headspace coach

  • Clients

    Senior Leaders and Executives

    Olympians and Paralympians

courage, willpower, hope

I say it so often. Get up and move. It doesn’t have to be much. A few push ups against the sink can change our state and put us in a different place mentally. 

What goes on in our minds isn’t just about what we think: it’s also what we do. For many people, physical movement is our best way of reducing psychological stress, or avoiding it altogether. I know because I was labelled a problem child: I couldn’t sit still and I couldn’t ‘think still’. 

In their efforts to manage this my parents introduced me to the world of sport. What came next was a lot of diving headfirst into a pool, three Olympic Games and a Silver medal. 

The road to that medal, though, was nearly derailed by injury and a subsequent bout with depression. The turning point was a mentor who coached me back to enjoying exercise again and realising all the connections between my physical and emotional health.

Today, I develop bespoke coaching and movement programmes which help improve mental health for senior leaders . Healthy body, healthy mind, better world. 

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