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    Creative professionals and emerging leaders reaching their professional and creative goals


    Director of Content in EdTech


    MA Sociology
    BS Psychology/Sociology


    Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF

curiosity, learning, creativity

Alongside my work as a coach I am an organizational sociologist and author. I help professionals and leaders strengthen their problem-solving skills, boost their creativity, and improve their communication. I am an experienced virtual leader and manager, with over twenty years experience in EdTech and creative roles. 

One of those “creative types,” I have been both a herded cat and a cat herder. I’m blessed with far too many ideas for one person to handle, a calming presence that works on everyone but foster kittens, and an ability to see situations from drone height, which makes me good at understanding context, the interplay of present factors, and what solutions will work. 

As a coach, I use a strength-based, positive coaching style to help clients achieve their goals, whether that is becoming a better leader and problem-solver or taking creativity to new heights. I bring a calming presence, humor, and openness to every session.

I live in West Michigan, where I love the snow, kayaking, and ice wine. I have an old dog and a prickly cat, foster kittens, and write mystery short stories.

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