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Paraic's Stats

  • Coaching quals

    Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience accredited with WACN – World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience.

  • Career background

    Sales and Marketing

  • Clients

    Emerging leaders

  • Interesting facts

    Worked overseas in Aus and the UAE

connectedness, freedom, appreciation.

Before I came to coaching I spent 13 years in leadership and management roles within the Commerce, Recruitment and Entertainment industries, so I understand the expectations of working in driven and evolving business environments where change is forever present. 

My career in sales and marketing has offered me an informal study in human behaviour and building relationships. Work has taken me overseas to Australia and the UAE and I very much embrace diversity in both thinking and approaches to living a fruitful life. I have a general interest in people from all walks of life and feel enriched by the various stories they’ve offered me. 

My work supports the development of leaders to improve team performance, increase retention and maintain high levels of morale by linking personal development to professional performance. 

Connection and People are important to me. I enjoy time in nature, sea swimming in the Irish sea (all year round), holistic wellness and working on my ongoing personal development.

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